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U.S.D.A. Eco Friendly Certified Organic Soap.
U.S.D.A. Certified
Organic Soap
$ 4
Auric Blend Perfume Oils.
Auric Blend
Perfume Oils
$ 6
Auric Blend Perfume creams.
Auric Blend
Perfume Creams
$ 6
100% Pure Bees Wax Candles.
100% Pure
Bees Wax Candles
$ 3.50 - $25

Auric Blend Cone Incense.
Auric Blend
Cone Incense
$ 5 (50 Cones)
Auric Blend Stick Incense.
Auric Blend
Stick Incense
$ 5 (50 Sticks)
Wooden Stick Incense Burner
Wooden Stick
Incense Burner
$ 3
Tribal Stick Incense Burner.
Tribal Stick
Incense Burner
$ 10
Yin Yang Candle Holder.
Yin Yang
Candle Holder
$ 35

Dolphin Perfume Oil Burner.
Dolphin Oil Burner
$ 25
Whale Perfume Oil Burner.
Whale Oil Burner
$ 25
Cresent Moon Perfume Oil Burner.
Cresent Moon Oil Burner
$ 25
Dolphin Play Perfume Oil Burner.
Dolphin Play Oil Burner
$ 20

Angel Perfume Oil Burner.
Oil Burner
$ 30
Assorted Cone Incense Burners.
Cone Incense Burners
$ 20 - 25
Dragon Cone Incense Burner.
Cone Incense Burner
$ 25
Woods Fairy Votive Candle Holder.
Woods Fairy Votive Candle Holder
$ 30
Angel Votive Candle Holder.
Angel Votive Candle Holder
$ 30

Beauty Products and Gifts

U.S.D.A. Eco Friendly Certified Organic soaps,
%100 natual pure beeswax candles,
Auric Blends perfume and incense,
incense burners and candle holders

... Because You Deserve The Finest Things In Life! ...

American made custom clothing and swimwear for women.
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