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Women's Mix & Match Bikinis

Custom handrcrafted women's clothing and swimwear in allergy free and eco friendly organic fabrics, made in the USA.

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Hypoallergenic Clothing and Swimwear.         
         Latex Free women's clothing and swimwear.
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____________ Bikini Tops ____________
______ Fully Front Lined _______
__________ Bikini Bottoms __________
______ Fully Front Lined _______
Island Girl Tanner Bikini Top.
Island Girl Tanner
$42 - 62

The Marilyn Bikini Top.
The Marilyn
$46 - 66

Bow Tie Bikini Top.
The Marilyn
$52 - 72

Tahiti Twister Bikini Top.
Tahiti Twister
$52 - 72

That 70s Chic Bikini Top.
That 70s Chic
$46 - 66

Peek-a-boo Bikini Top.
$48 - 68

Seaside Underwire Bikini Top.
Seaside Underwire
$88 - 108

Chrissy Cross Bikini Top.
Chrissy Cross
$62 - 82

DSurfside Underwire Bikini Top.
Surfside Underwire
$104 - 124

Breezy Tube Tie Bikini Top.
Breezy Tube Tie
$48 - 68

Ginger Snap Tie Bikini Top.
Ginger Snap Tie
$48 - 68

Missy Scarf Tie Bikini Top.
Missy Scarf Tie
$62 - 82

Sweetheart Tube Tie Bikini Top.
Sweetheart Tube Tie
$68 - 88

Sweetheart String Tie Bikini Top.
Sweetheart String Tie
$72 - 92

Sportini Tank Bikini Top.
Sportini Tank Top
$54 - 74

Sportini String Bikini Top.
Sportini String Top
$54 - 74

Midi String Bikini Top.
Midi String Top
$56 - 76

Hipster String Top.
Hipster String Top
$58 - 78

Garden Of Eden Bikini Top.
Garden Of Eden

Bella Flower Bikini Top.
Bella Flower

She Shells Bikini Top.
She Shells

That 70s Chic Bikini Bottom.
That 70s Chic
$42 - 62

Lace Hugger Bikini Bottom.
Lace Hugger
$44 - 64

Brazil Tanner Bikini Bottom.
Brazil Tanner
$42 - 62

Retro Low Rise Bikini Bottom.
Retro Low Rise
$42 - 62

The Twist Bikini Bottom.
The Twist
$58 - 78

Side Sache' Bikini Bottom.
Side Sache'
$48 - 68

Fun Slide Bikini Bottom.
Fun Slide
$46 - 66

Demi Front Slide Bikini Bottom.
Demi Front Slide
$44 - 64

Stringtini Bikini Bottom.
$38 - 58

Down Low String Tie Bikini Bottom.
Down Low String Tie
$44 - 64

Sexy String Tie Bikini Bottom.
Sexy String Tie
$52 - 72

Island Girl Tanner Bikini Bottom.
Island Girl Tanner
$38 - 58

Gulf Breeze Skirt Bikini Bottom.
Gulf Breeze Skirt
$58 - 78

Sassy Ruffle Skirt Bikini Bottom.
Sassy Ruffle Skirt
$58 - 78

Skirtini Bikini Bottom.
$52 - 72

Retro High Rise Bikini Bottom.
Retro High Rise
$42 - 62

Retro Full Cover Bikini Bottom.
Retro Full Cover
$44 - 64

Cheeky Boy Short Bikini Bottom.
Cheeky Boy Short
$54 - 74

Hottie Shorts Bikini Bottom.
Hottie Shorts
$46 - 66

Hot Pants Bikini Bottom.
Hot Pants
$48 - 68

Lace Cheeky Short Bikini Bottom.
Lace Cheeky Short
$58 - 78

____________ Cover-Ups ____________
______ Cover-up skirts and shorts do not have attached bikini bottoms. _______

Hot Skirt
$32 - 52

Mini Flair Skirt
Mini Flair
$34 - 54

Mini Tube Skirt
Mini Tube
$36 - 56

Relaxed Flair Draw String Skirt
Relaxed Flair
$46 - 66

Keyhole Draw String Skirt
Draw String
$46 - 66
Flirty Skirt
$44 - 64

Ruffle Tie Wrap Skirt Bikini Cover Up
Tie Wrap
$48 - 68
Yolk Flair Draw String Skirt
Yolk Flair
Draw String
$58 - 78
Adjustable Tie Wrap Skirt
Tie Wrap
$58 - 78
Relaxed Shorts
$52 - 72

____________________ Colors and Prints Samples Pages ____________________
Sample Solid Color Bikinis.
Sample Solid Color Bikinis
Sample Print Bikinis.
Sample Print Bikinis
Sample Tie Dye Bikinis.
Sample Tie Dye Bikinis
Sample Exotic Fabric Bikinis.
Sample Exotic Fabric Bikinis
Organic Bikinis.

Sarongs and Cover Ups.
Sarongs and
Cover Ups

Created With Love. Created With Love Created With Love.

Mix & Match Bikini Tops and Bottoms
Because You Have The Right To Wear Exactly What Suits You Best!

     Here at Jita Swim and Island Wear we love to create custom swimwear to suit you perfectly.     

We offer the largest selection of colors & prints and styles
in small to plus sizes and 34-A to 40-DD bra cup sizes.

With 21 bikini top styles, 21 bikini bottom styles and 145 colors and prints
to choose from in our mix and match collection (that's over 63,000 possible combinations)
you may design your own unique sexy look that will set you apart from the crowd.

   All Our Fabric, Elastic And Thread Is 100% Latex Free And Hypoallergenic   

Latex Free Hypoallergenic Women's Clothing and Swimwear

Every Hand Dyed And Tie Dyed Article Of Clothing And Swimwear We Create
Is Individually Dyed To Ensure Exceptional Quality,
And Minimize Our Impact On Mother Earth.

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All merchandise is custom made to your specification
     and shipped United States Postal Service Priority Mail     
in two weeks after the date your order is placed
All International Orders Will Be Shipped By First Class Mail
    Domestic Orders Under $100 Will Be Shipped By First Class Mail    
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation
there may be a slight delay in shipping your order
We sincerely apologize for any incovenience
and appriciate your patience during this time
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